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Sal's Pizza-Pub-Wings and now Fish
A true Sicilian, Salvadore Rizzo spent his formative tears working at the markets in the streets of Sicily. His quick wit and easy demeanor
entertained the old guard of Sicilian elders, and under the their tutelege he became street wise, well connected and revered throughout
the community.
Hearing of a massive immigration to America, young Sal saw a chance to capitalize on his connections in the land of opportunity and
stowed away on a steamship bound for New York City. After landing on Ellis Island, he quickly entrenched himself in the lower Bronx,
running numbers for gamblers and bookies while working again in the street markets, garnering a sizable income for a young lad.
A naturally gifted athelete, he was well known as a boxer, golfer the youngest shortstop ever to play for New York, was a World Champion
Polo and Cricket player, and holds the world record for open water free diving. His athletic prowess is legendary and he was also quite
the ladies man, squiring numerous Hollywood Starlets as he was a handsome lad with chiseled features and a fine head of hair inherited
from his rich Italian lineage. Always the young entrepeneur, Sal opened hi first Pizzeria using family recipes from the old country, and
quickly became the most popular spot of "the gang" in the Bronx. Businessman. politicians, atheletes and young starlets all wanted to be
among the who's who assocaited with Sal.
Always eager for challenges, adventures and excitement, Sal has run with the bulls in Pamplona, cliff dived in Acapulco, shark hunted
with Ernest Hemmingway, traversed to the North Pole with Sir Edmond Hilary, and crested Mt. Everest. He spent a year of spiritual
seclusion in Tibet with the Dali Lama, learned natural medicine and industrial design.
Sal now reminisces on a lfe well lived of nearly 100 years retired in his native Sicily enjoying the fruits of his labor abd the recipes he
shares with his descendants, friends, and  you, here at Sal's.


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